7 Easy Steps To More Long Lasting Face Makeup

Posted: June 26, 2011 in Uncategorized

You can read more about asthma narrowing. As beautiful as anything you dress up in the morning, it sucks if your makeup during the day faded and the sweat of oil removed. Rather than bother dressing up again, better follow the following trick to your cosmetic stick around longer in the face.

1. So that the lashes remain flicks all day, heat the eyelash curler using a hair dryer. Then (carefully of course) flops lashes twice. One time in the middle, one at the almost end.

2. Make a layer of foundation to blush makeup is the key to survival. The important thing is, make sure everything was applied thinly to the face still looks fresh and natural.

3. In order for foundation makeup without smudging, apply a cream or liquid formula using a sponge only on areas that need it faces. Avoid makeup like a mask! Continue with the ditepukkan powder to the face using a puff.

4. Add volume to the lashes. The trick, dip brush into powder eyelashes powder, put the eyelashes on, the new seal with mascara. This trick can make a lasting mascara.

5. So that the lipstick does not quickly disappear, use a thin layer of foundation over the lips. The form and content of the lips with a neutral color lip pencil. Grease a lipstick, lip stick to paper towels, then add one layer of gloss.

6. For eye makeup, first use a powder eye shadow as a basic neutral colors. Continue with the eyeliner, then add another layer of powder eye shadow. Add one layer of mascara, wait until dry, then repeat the use of mascara.

7. If your eyelashes sparse, use a primer coat lashes before using mascara.

source: yahoo


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