Guide to Choosing the Right Swimwear and Comfort

Posted: June 26, 2011 in Uncategorized

Choosing a swimsuit not the same as choosing clothes. There are several things that must be taken to ensure that bathing suits are selected not only beautify your body shape, but also comfortable to wear. Before you go shopping for a swimsuit for this holiday, consider first the following tips.

1. Determine the function of swimsuit you’re looking for
Do you need a swimsuit to swim in the ocean? For water sports in the pool? To “mejeng” on the beach? Or to simply soak in hot tubs? By imagining the main activity would you do with the swimsuit, you’ll know what kind of swimsuit model you want.

2. Two pieces better
This trick is suitable for use by those who have not balanced body size (big top but little below, or just the opposite). By buying two-piece suit swimsuit consisting of superiors and subordinates, you can mix and match with another swimsuit that you already have.

3. Suppose you’re buying a bra
When trying on bathing suits, make sure your chest propped up well. Not too tight and makes it difficult to breathe, and not too loose. If your chest is large enough, choose a swimsuit that has a chest brace.

4. Playing with color
Black swimsuit can indeed give effect trim. But the bright colors like red, yellow, blue, can make your skin look radiant. Swimsuit of bright colors also look very attractive in the skin tan.

5. The key is in the detail
One piece swimsuit that looks plain black color would be so awesome if he has a striking detail, such as metallic accents, bright color detail, accents stacked in the neck, and so on.

Source: yahoo


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