Judging Benefits Of Music Therapy Infants

Posted: October 25, 2012 in Uncategorized

Music stimulates the auditory nerve to be able to provide a response such as a sense of comfort, distracted, and so on. A baby has had such a response even before he was born. As with the other senses such as vision takes time to be able to function optimally, but for hearing at the age of 2 months after birth, a baby is able to detect from which direction the sound or sound source derived. When the baby at an early age are able to listen to sound mean he can listen to and even enjoy the strains of a musical.

Benefits of Music Therapy Importance Of Baby

When the baby was able to listen to the music, we can play some kind of soft music as a form of therapy for him. One of the very important part of therapy is the direct influence of the baby’s brain growth. According to several medical journals, the benefits of music therapy is to stimulate the growth of the baby’s brain to be more intelligent than help prevent the onset of symptoms of mental disorder or disturbance. According to some sources explained that music therapy can help prevent the possibility of the child being autistic and hyperactive. The sound in the form of the music is very influential on emotional and mental than a mother who is pregnant and also affect the fetus. Especially when the baby is born and able to listen to music, this will greatly affect both mental and physical health.

A Few Things You Need To Know The Benefits Of Music Therapy Against Baby

The benefits of music therapy is to stimulate the baby’s intelligence besides mental and physical shape to be a perfect baby. But keep in mind what the right way to provide music therapy for a baby. The most appropriate type of music to be music therapy is a type of classical music such as Mozart, Beethoven, Coppin and others. This kind of music can be played as a therapy every day on a regular basis in the morning shortly after the baby is bathed. The duration of music therapy done enough for about 30 minutes but to entertain the baby to be more relaxed and relaxed ahead of rest or sleep. Please also note that this therapy will be more successful when supported by the provision of breast milk (ASI) intensively until the age of 24 months. To further therapy may be continued for up to 2.5 years old baby. According to the study, the benefits of music therapy for babies (0-24 months) will be seen the results when the baby grows and develops when stepping age of 3 years.


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