Nutrition For Kids Bone Growth

Posted: October 25, 2012 in Uncategorized

Types of Child Nutrition for Bone Growth is very important to know for healthy bones need a variety of nutrients including calcium, vitamin D, magnesium, and others. Children need to get enough calcium and vitamin D in the context of the formation of healthy bones. Healthy bone is strong bone composed of calcium with high levels. A good diet is essential for bone health until the kids get old someday.

Anything For Bone Growth Child Nutrition You Need to Know

Every child needs calcium in their diet every day to build and maintain healthy bones. Calcium plays an important role in muscle contraction, blood clotting and bone health. When your child’s diet provide enough calcium, your body will store the bones in the bone tissue will be rebuilt and strengthened.

As known bone formation begins in childhood, increases during adolescence, and continues until about the age of 25 years. After age 25, your daily calcium intake helps maintain bone health. If the body’s calcium levels below normal, calcium will be taken from the bones and put into the blood to be used for other body functions. That is why it is important at any age to consume enough calcium to maintain adequate levels in the body.

Best Food Sources for Bone Health Children

Milk and foods made from milk are the richest source of calcium. One cup of low-fat milk has 300 mg of calcium and one cup of non-fat yogurt has 490 mg. Calcium-fortified juices, cereals and pasta has 300 to 400 mg of calcium per serving. Some people avoid dairy products because they do not like or have lactose intolerance.

Here are tips on increasing your intake of calcium and vitamin D in children:

  1. Adding low-fat cheese to vegetables, sandwich, or salad.
  2. Make pudding with low-fat milk for dessert.
  3. Prepare low-fat milk every meal.
  4. Make a smoothie with low-fat yogurt or fat-free.

For some reason some children may not be getting enough of these important nutrients because they are not getting enough milk. Milk is the perfect source since they are rich in calcium and vitamin D. If your child can not drink milk then alternatives like soy milk and lactose-free milk, is highly recommended as both are two sources of nutrients for bone growth in children that have been fortified with vitamin D and calcium.


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