The Things You Must Prepared at Home After Childbirth

Posted: October 25, 2012 in Uncategorized

Do you know about the things that must be prepared at home after the birth? If you think that after giving birth you need helpers who can change a diaper baby and a few sets of toiletries, sleeping and eating to support the comfort of your child, then it’s time to find something much more important than all of that. Regardless of whether you are a wife who had just given birth, or a husband who is confused what to do wife face sometimes grumpy, you need to read the brief descriptions below.

Related to Physical Preparation

After struggling between life and death to birth the baby into the world, the mother must have felt extremely tired. In fact, the body feels is not powered at all. Not to mention the obligation to feed and get up in the night when the child is fussy and not play. If things like this are not overcome by good, then there are many things that can not be done properly. Not to mention the homework piling up, making the mother did not have much time to spend time relaxing in front of the television.

The husband should understand this situation and prepare personnel to share the housework with his wife. Good time management is necessary, so that the remaining time can be used for the rest. Nutritious food should also be prepared to maintain the stamina of the mother. Of course, drinking plenty of water is also very important to avoid dehydration, which will make the body become limp.
Blood and Dirt

After delivery, blood will still come out along with the impurities from the body. The period in which the blood is still out along with the impurities in the body commonly known as the puerperium (the womb cleaning. Period lasted between 6 to 8 weeks. However, things will be back fully recovered within a period of about 3 months. Quite long indeed, but all were will pass well if the husband helping his wife through during childbirth.

During this time, the mother will need a lot of pads to accommodate the blood that comes out. Therefore, the stock pads not to run. Generally, pads for absorption during childbirth have up to 3 times more than regular pads. Any size bigger, so that it is comfortable and will help speed the drying process of stitching. It is also part of the effort to maintain hygiene during childbirth. Thus the description of the things that must be prepared at home after the birth. Hopefully useful.


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