Toys That Should be Avoided of Children Age 3 Years

Posted: October 25, 2012 in Uncategorized

Toys should be avoided from children 3 years of age is the kind of toys that are not much different from the toys that are not recommended for children aged two years. The age of 3 years, the child usually has started to have the power of imagination is starting to develop. With the experience of everyday people look around, your child already interested and curious to do the things ñ ñ done by the adults around them. In addition, toddlers 3 years have also started off so he needs games and toys that can support development. Although the child is beginning to understand many things, of course, parents should avoid these types of toys and games that may be harmful.

Toys That Should be Avoided of Children Age 3 Years: Avoid Choosing Toys with Edge or taper angle

At age three, the child has begun to stop inserting objects into his mouth. Even more worrying is if the child is playing with toys pointy toes. The little that was active may be able to hurt themselves or friends when playing with toys pointy toes. So, pointy toes toy merchants such as sword-and so are toys that should be avoided though made of plastic.

Toys That Should be Avoided of Children Age 3 Years: Qualified Plastic Toys Low

Since the first, the plastic toy is a favorite choice of parents because the material is not easily broken. However, not always safe plastic toys. Now is also a lot of plastic toys are made of poor quality plastic that contains toxic substances, issued a pungent odor that can be intoxicating, or very thin and easily broken. If plastic toys can break easily, the pieces would be at risk swallowed or injure the child.

Colored pencils or crayons are not qualified should also be avoided. Toddlers aged 3 years usually have started to learn drawing and coloring with colored pencils or crayons. Nowadays we can find so many kinds of colored pencils and crayons are sold at low prices. However, even though it’s cheap, does not mean we can turn a blind eye for quality and safety of these colored pencils. It would be better if you choose a non-toxic colored pencils so that your child can stay safe as the process hone drawing and coloring while playing. Make sure you choose the right toys for children aged 3 years.


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