6 Kick-Ass Strategies Conquer Germs at Home

Posted: November 6, 2012 in Uncategorized

Germs of course we can not avoid. Especially, inherent in the clothing and skin contact. In order for these germs do not trigger the disease, always keep the clothes is the key.

Many are less aware of the importance of maintenance on the fabric and towel. For example, the towels were not washed or left moist not dried, when used again, it may cause skin disease.

Towels, blankets and clothes should always be clean. Especially, the subject of children because their skin tends to be sensitive. Do not let them fall ill because of exposure to germs simply attached to the clothing.

“It’s important to take care and make sure the clothes, towels and other materials are clean and smell good for the health of family members,” said Endi Febrina Herlambang, PR Manager of P & G Home Products Indonesia when met at the workshop with the theme “Healthy Home, Happy Family ‘held by Downy.

Cleanliness is so the main thing to keep your family’s health. As also revealed by Sisca Knoch of The Urban Mama, a blog about parenting.

“As a mother of course I try to give the best to Miguel, my son 3 year old. One way to keep the house in order to be a comfortable place to play and move,” said Siska.

According to him, if you have a healthy home, then you will have a happy family. Siska then shared the tip useful habits at home to prevent illnesses caused by germs and bacteria. Such as:

– Change clothes of children, especially when they are very active and sweating. Do not dry clothes on the body sweating.
– Note also the cleanliness and condition of the child’s room and toys always have direct contact with your children.
– Wash bed linens and curtains home regularly. Includes mat and other fixtures in houses made of cloth
– Consider every corner of the house and the ceiling is usually a nest of germs and bacteria due to dust buildup. The angle is sometimes rarely get attention when cleaning because it is not clearly visible to the eye.
– The kitchen is the gathering nest of bacteria, germs, and viruses. Therefore, consider each area in the kitchen as a dishwasher area, trash, refrigerator, floor and kitchen table.
– Clean the dispenser up to the inside and the bottom because it is often a nest of bacteria because they do not receive full attention.


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