Efficacy Morning Sunlight For Bone Health

Posted: November 6, 2012 in Uncategorized

Work or go to college in the office buildings, indoors and air-conditioned or remain silent in the dorm room while playing online games 24 hours with the windows and doors closed and air-conditioned, making almost never exposed to sunlight. If such a circumstance or fate that should you receive every day, then you should be wary. Not seen sunlight will not only make you look like an albino, but your health will also be threatened.

The morning sun turns out to have a good agent and a bad for our skin. Surely good sunlight and our bodies need is sunlight between the hours of seven in the morning until nine in the morning after that the sun can damage our bodies. Sunlight turns a substance that can have beneficial and detrimental to our bodies. certainly good sunlight between the hours of good sun 7Sinar ie between 7 am to 9 am. If we menyadararinya under our skin, there are cholesterol-containing fatty deposits that can be lost with the morning sunlight (ultraviolet light) that contain vitamin D.

Vitamin D functions to reduce cholesterol in the blood, which is explained with the use of vitamin D that will suppress cholesterol found in the blood to the skin, so that the cholesterol in the blood is reduced. Reducing blood sugar levels, the explanation that the sun is the insulin which facilitates glucose uptake into the cell body. Morning sunlight to kill the bacteria, if the medical treatment that uses artificial ultraviolet light, when you’re basking in direct sun means you’ll get the germ-killing benefits much more natural. This is a better value. Besides that, the sun will improve your fitness and quality of breathing.

So that exercising in the morning with the morning sunlight ditambahnya got a lot of very good and needed by the body. Another factor that helps increase fitness activity is increased uptake in the liver and muscle glycogen. Increased vitamin D, also will spur the function to absorb more calcium that will help shape the bone and give strength on bone density.

Sun for 10 minutes a day will boost the immune system, particularly lymphocytes or white blood cells. That can reduce the risk of flu and colds disrupted. Begin now to take a moment to bask in the morning before starting the activity.

Exposure to the sun is a good sun in the morning before at 08.00. At that hour, the sun rays will give that benefit the body. Radiance to be able to synthesize vitamin D, and beneficial for bone health and calcium formation.

However, sundeck at 09.00, sunlight is dangerous to the skin. This is because all three types of ultraviolet rays A, B, and C contained in sunlight will harm the health of the skin. Sunlight contains ultraviolet (UV) A and B can damage cell membranes causing red skin and burns, and damage to the skin cells. Consequently, the mechanism of regeneration of the cells will be damaged.

Dangerous is when the skin is exposed to sunlight for a long time and in a high enough intensity. if the skin is too often get sun exposure in large quantities, it will speed up the process of premature skin aging (premature skin aging). In addition to the influence of other factors such as pollution and cigarette smoke.

So, get used to getting up early and get the benefits of sunlight in the morning for your bone health. For that, let us know some of the benefits of sun for your health:

1. Contains vitamin D

At the time of filtered ultraviolet rays on the skin, the light changed its deposits of cholesterol in the skin into vitamin D. Receive exposure to sunlight for 5 minutes tantamount to provide 400 units of vitamin D in your body.

2. Establish and improve bone

Increased vitamin D in the body by exposure to sunlight can increase the absorption of calcium in your body. This condition is a solution in the formation and repair of bone and prevent diseases such as rickets and osteomalacia.

3. Bidder infection and bacteria killer

The sun’s rays are capable of killing bacterial diseases, viruses, and fungi. In the treatment of tuberculosis, erysipelas, blood poisoning, peritonisis, pneumonia, mumps, and asthma, sunlight therapy is needed. Even some of the virus spreading to the cancer is destroyed by ultraviolet light. Fungal infections, including candida, as well as bacteria in the air react and can be destroyed by sunlight.

4. Increasing respiratory fitness

Increasing the capacity of blood to carry oxygen and distribute it to the tissues is one of the uses sunlight. In addition, sunlight can increase respiratory fitness because it will increase the amount of glycogen after basking in the sun.

5. Immunity

When skin is exposed to sunlight, the addition of white blood cells, particularly lymphocytes, which are used to attack the disease. Indirectly antibody will also be increased. This condition will last up to 3 weeks. According to the study, 10 minutes in the sun once or twice a week can reduce the risk of flu by 30-40%.

6. Dampen blood cholesterol

This is a continuation of the above process. Once under the skin cholesterol converted into vitamin D, the brain and the body then the signal to cholesterol in the blood to come out of the blood to the skin. Of this process that blood cholesterol levels can be controlled.

7. Reduce blood sugar

Sunlight is a natural insulin that provides easy absorption of glucose into the body’s cells. This is what stimulates the body to convert blood sugar into glycogen, which is then stored in the liver and muscles. The process is a decrease in blood sugar levels.

Once the importance of the sun for you, let us not waste the goodness of God who has given us the source of life for us. For that try to date you have to get used to the sun every day, because it is for your health. Hope can be useful for you.


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