Maintain Milk Quality Materials Without Preservatives

Posted: November 6, 2012 in Uncategorized

Technology has an important role in the food world. On the packaging of dairy products, for example, technology is key to ensuring the milk can be stored for a long time.

One common way to extend the freshness of food products is warming up. “The technology of the heating process can be used to maintain the age and quality of food products, without the addition of preservatives needed again. Trick with the sterilization process,” said Prof. Purwiyatno Hariyadi, Ph.D – Director SEAFAST (Southeast Asian Food and Agricultural Science and Technology) Center.

Overview of sterilization is that it can last longer, unfortunately the nutritional value contained many damaged. In order to provide maximum benefits, have now developed a high-temperature sterilization process know with Ultra High Temperature (UHT).

“The processing of milk with UHT sterilization system is the most technologically effective in killing harmful microbes and bacteria, without changing the quality and content of nutrients in the milk,” he added.

Products that have been sterilized milk is still to be packed in an antiseptic to maximize quality. According to Elvira Wongsosudiro, Communications Manager Tetra Indonesia, the use of antiseptic packaging is done to maintain the quality of milk being contaminated with bacteria, and damaged when distributed to various places.


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