Addressing Dengue Fever!

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It is undeniable that every occurrence of the change of seasons is always followed by the appearance disease seasonal diseases, such as diarrhea and dengue fever. These diseases are already well known by the public, especially in the long economically weak. But lately this disease often do not view social status. Similarly, the dengue fever. Every change of season from dry season to rainy season or otherwise, dengue fever is always and always appear in the community. Not a care in rural and urban areas. So do not be surprised if the disease is often found in places where health services, ranging from hospitals, clinics, health centers and even in the lowest health care services and even the poskesdes / poskeskel. Usually dengue fever is more common at the beginning of the rainy season because at that time many people who missed the habit to apply a mosquito nest eradication (PSN) in the home and environment respectively. At that inadvertence is usually deadly Aedes aegypti mosquito that spreads rapidly evolving.

Endemic Diseases
Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF) is one of the infectious diseases is still a health problem in Indonesia, especially in big cities with increasing mobility and population density. Throughout Indonesia, including Jakarta are at risk for contracting dengue disease, because the virus and its carrier mosquitoes (Aedes aegypti) is widespread both in homes and public places except with elevations of over 100 meters above sea level.

This disease has been known since decades ago, but patofisiologisnya (cause of the illness) is not known with certainty at this time. DHF usually preceded by severe infection characterized by shock and / or bleeding is a major cause of death. DBD can only be transmitted through the bite of Aedes aegypti mosquito that has been infected by a virus prior duhulu from other sufferers. Do not misunderstand me that mosquitoes breed in stagnant water clearer only in and around the home, not in the gutter or gutter. This mosquito landed on her favorite clothes and hung dark and usually bite humans during daylight hours. To recognize this type mosquitoes with other mosquito (Anopheles) usually can be seen from the position of a bite. When biting mosquito Aedes aegypti (suck blood) is a position parallel to the skin, while Anopheles mosquitoes usually with menungging.

Symptoms of Dengue Fever
If by chance one of our family members infected with Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF), no need to panic. Recognize signs and symptoms of this disease are:

Sudden high fever arising
Fever lasts no more 7 days (when the fever is over 7 days were more likely patients suffering from typhoid fever / typhoid)
In some patients with bleeding arise in the form of red spots on the skin like a mosquito bite, but when the skin is stretched red spots that do not go away, unlike Anopheles mosquito bite kind of lost when the skin is stretched. In patients with more severe there will be bleeding from the nose (nosebleeds) or oral (vomiting blood)
On a more serious situation would arise bleeding more, tip toes and bluish cold hands (in this condition the patient had fallen on the shock), and is a sign of emergency (emergency) in which the patient should be immediately taken to the health center for treatment or hospital
To be sure, laboratory tests should be done, especially in the early days of fever.
What about First Aid?
If it is suspected dengue fever, give first aid in the form of a cold compress to reduce the fever and drink plenty of berries with liquid water in the house like sweet tea, milk, syrup, oral rehydration salts or plain water. The main danger of dengue fever is the body is dehydrated as a result of fluid from seeping out pernbuluh blood vessels. This condition is the result of serious DHF patients, although no signs of bleeding. Families also may give febrifuge, but not fever medications that contain salicylic acid as a febrifuge many on the market. Contact your family physician to give febrifuge appropriate for patients with dengue fever.

How to Control Dengue

Dengue can only be eradicated by the chain of the development of the mosquito Aedes aegypti type. If only kill mosquitoes were not enough, during the larva still left alive. Because it’s the right way is to break the chain of the larva growth by moving people to participate implement mosquito nest eradication (PSN) at home and in their respective environments on an ongoing basis, at least every two weeks.

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