Easy Steps to Overcome Bruises & amp

Posted: December 4, 2012 in Uncategorized

Anyone would have fallen and suffered bruises or bumps. While this is common, but still important to take medication in order to avoid unwanted complications.

Bruising usually occurs when a blood vessel ruptures of adjacent tissue. Bruising can cause changes in skin color that changes from time to time. Therefore, specific and effective drugs that can help to minimize pain and speed healing.

Here’s a tip of first aid can be done to treat bruises or bumps that occur due to falls or other minor accidents, as reported Magforwoman.

Ice the

Ice is the best choice for healing bruises. Apply ice to the area of ​​the bruise or lump for 15 minutes. Use a towel or other base for the coating between the skin and the ice. Ice will prevent bruising spread to the surrounding area. Make sure not to use ice too long, so you do not run cold.

Rest your bruises

It is important to give the area a bruise or bump on the break. Since any further pressure could increase the risk of bleeding and a longer recovery time. You can cover the area of ​​the bruise or bump with a thin cloth or gauze, so that blood flow to the discolored slightly reduced.

Give painkillers ointment

If you feel pain in the area, you can use the drug pain relief or ointment to relieve the pain. Taking acetaminophen might be a good idea because it will act as a pain reliever and prevent clotting. Better avoid ibuprofen or aspirin because the effects could delay the bleeding.
Consumption of foods rich in vitamin

Consumption of foods rich in vitamins such as broccoli, green peppers and lemon will speed the healing process.


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