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Problems digestive often inhibits all our activities. Although it sounds simple, but the disease is sure to make you the hassle to deal with.

You can easily find it stomach medicine sold in the market. Even so, there are alternative ways that you can use as a form of treatment of heartburn and abdominal pain.

Here are a variety of natural ways to cope with stomach problems, as reported by Magforwoman.


This method is fairly simple, yet powerful enough to overcome diarrhea. Mix salt and sugar in the same amount in a glass of water. Drink regularly and diarrhea, you will soon be lost. In addition, you can also use cilantro to cure diarrhea. The plant has some oils such as borneol and linalool which helps digestion and function of the heart.


Delicious and fun way to cope is to consume yogurt ulcer. Yogurt has probiotics, which aids digestion and helps cure stomach ulcers effectively. Buttermilk also offers similar results.

stomach ache

Sipping hot ginger tea or honey mixed in warm water helps cure mild stomach ache easily at home. Gently rubbing your belly with warm oils also help reduce pain.


This is one of the most stomach problems encountered. There are many triggers gastritis, such as delayed meals, consumption of foods that are not feasible, or specific food allergies. You could try peppermint tea, marshmallow, ginger, pineapple, papaya seeds, or clover, which is a common natural remedy believed to cure gastritis.