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Problems digestive often inhibits all our activities. Although it sounds simple, but the disease is sure to make you the hassle to deal with.

You can easily find it stomach medicine sold in the market. Even so, there are alternative ways that you can use as a form of treatment of heartburn and abdominal pain.

Here are a variety of natural ways to cope with stomach problems, as reported by Magforwoman.


This method is fairly simple, yet powerful enough to overcome diarrhea. Mix salt and sugar in the same amount in a glass of water. Drink regularly and diarrhea, you will soon be lost. In addition, you can also use cilantro to cure diarrhea. The plant has some oils such as borneol and linalool which helps digestion and function of the heart.


Delicious and fun way to cope is to consume yogurt ulcer. Yogurt has probiotics, which aids digestion and helps cure stomach ulcers effectively. Buttermilk also offers similar results.

stomach ache

Sipping hot ginger tea or honey mixed in warm water helps cure mild stomach ache easily at home. Gently rubbing your belly with warm oils also help reduce pain.


This is one of the most stomach problems encountered. There are many triggers gastritis, such as delayed meals, consumption of foods that are not feasible, or specific food allergies. You could try peppermint tea, marshmallow, ginger, pineapple, papaya seeds, or clover, which is a common natural remedy believed to cure gastritis.


Anyone would have fallen and suffered bruises or bumps. While this is common, but still important to take medication in order to avoid unwanted complications.

Bruising usually occurs when a blood vessel ruptures of adjacent tissue. Bruising can cause changes in skin color that changes from time to time. Therefore, specific and effective drugs that can help to minimize pain and speed healing.

Here’s a tip of first aid can be done to treat bruises or bumps that occur due to falls or other minor accidents, as reported Magforwoman.

Ice the

Ice is the best choice for healing bruises. Apply ice to the area of ​​the bruise or lump for 15 minutes. Use a towel or other base for the coating between the skin and the ice. Ice will prevent bruising spread to the surrounding area. Make sure not to use ice too long, so you do not run cold.

Rest your bruises

It is important to give the area a bruise or bump on the break. Since any further pressure could increase the risk of bleeding and a longer recovery time. You can cover the area of ​​the bruise or bump with a thin cloth or gauze, so that blood flow to the discolored slightly reduced.

Give painkillers ointment

If you feel pain in the area, you can use the drug pain relief or ointment to relieve the pain. Taking acetaminophen might be a good idea because it will act as a pain reliever and prevent clotting. Better avoid ibuprofen or aspirin because the effects could delay the bleeding.
Consumption of foods rich in vitamin

Consumption of foods rich in vitamins such as broccoli, green peppers and lemon will speed the healing process.

Ingredients Natural Pain Relief

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Woke up with a headache, slipped on the stairs and sprain, or fall off the bike and cause injury? All accidents everyday you can correct this by using natural ingredients.

The pain caused by minor accidents can indeed be overcome with painkillers. However, whether the use of chemical drugs can be safe? Especially if your child is injured. Of course the answer to that is an alternative medicine using natural ingredients without any harmful side effects.

Here’s natural pain relievers that you can use to overcome injuries, as reported by Magforwoman.


Abdominal pain certainly become everyday illnesses you’ve ever tasted. It is time for you to use natural ingredients such as ginger to overcome it. This root helps digestion better. Ginger is also good for your knee pain. The content of the analgesic zingibain gives ginger the ability to minimize menstrual cramps and muscle aches.


This brightly colored little pieces turned out to taste delicious too can overcome pain. The content of antioxidants in it to reduce the inflammation and encouraging the body to function better, especially in patients with osteoarthritis.


Besides being used as a flavoring ingredient. Turmeric is also widely used for traditional medicine. One way to reduce inflammation in the joints, boost immunity and fight bacterial infections.

Fish and fish oil

Both materials is well known content of omega-3 fatty acids are good for the heart. In addition to support cardiovascular health, omega three in fish is also good for relieving pain, especially the pain of rheumatoid arthritis and auto-immune diseases.

Red wine

Red wine get a strong color of that resveratrol not only make a beautiful color of the fruit, but also prevents the enzymes that cause tissue degeneration. Anti-inflammatory properties of polyphenols in wine obtained is beneficial for our body.

Maybe you’ve thought, lack of sleep do not need to worry about. However, losses due to lack of sleep was very much.

Not only related to daily activities, lack of sleep also increases the risk of stress, traffic accidents, decreased school performance (as well as in sports and social life), mood disorders, dam many other problems.
Lack of sleep also affects diet. The more you are sleepy, the higher your craving for sugar and carbohydrates to boost energy.

Despite the spike in blood sugar levels lead to increased energy while, you will feel very tired when levels decline, causing more sugar you are looking to get more energy. This vicious cycle will continue and make you store all those excess calories and eventually increase the size of your pants.

So, what to do in order to get enough sleep? Here’s his review as described in the book Becoming a Healthy Adolescents by Dr. Mehmet C. Oz, MD.

Create a comfortable sleeping environment

The room is cool and dark is the best neighborhood. Temperature and darkness is a signal to the pineal gland to begin the production of melatonin and make you fall asleep.

Wear Nightwear

Good sleepwear should not tight and does not cause allergies (both material and how to wash them).

Dim light moments

Redupkanlah light just before bedtime to avoid stimulation caused by artificial light pollution from the television, computers, and lights.

Turn off the phone

Do not store your mobile phone under the pillow. You will wake up every time there is an incoming message. Moreover, the radiation from mobile phones can cause DNA abnormalities in the brain and may have contributed to the factors causing the increased incidence of brain cancer in cell phone users.

Immunization not just a preventative measure to prevent transmission of the disease, but also the baby’s health investment in the future. Want proof?

Anyone know for sure immunizations. In fact, probably most of us have ever been immunized when we were little.

Immunization is an attempt to induce or enhance the immune active against certain diseases.

Unfortunately, there are still groups of people who still doubt the benefits of immunization to their children. In fact, immunization not only create immunity, but it is also important to break the chain of transmission of the disease in children and the people around him.

In developing countries, including Indonesia, the Preventable Diseases Immunization (PD3I) is still the leading cause of death and disability of children. Approximately five percent of deaths in children under five due to PD3I. Therefore, immunization efforts is essential to reduce the morbidity and mortality.

Be intensified

Immunization in Indonesia was first performed in 1956, beginning with the smallpox immunization. Since then, the scope and types of immunizations continue to be expanded. Today, there are five Immunization vaccines given to infants and children in Indonesia to prevent seven diseases, ie Tuberculosis, Polio, Diphtheria, Pertussis, Tetanus, Measles, and Hepatitis B.

Immunization activities are also more evenly distributed across the region. If 2008 has 68.3 percent of the 65,781 villages that have achieved Universal Child Immunization (UCI), after the acceleration in 2010, coverage reached 75.3 percent of the 75,990 villages.

One concrete example of the success of immunization programs is important, which is freely smallpox. In 1974, Indonesia was officially declared smallpox-free countries. Meanwhile, cases of the disease have also PD3I decline. Measles, for example, from 24,388 cases in 2008, down to 17,139 cases in 2010. Neonatal tetanus were reported 198 cases in 2008, a few years to approximately 137 cases.

For polio, even though there is no more polio cases in recent years, the threat from abroad is still there. Some countries in the world still reported wild polio virus. Because not all villages reached UCI, there is still pockets of villages that could potentially happen Extraordinary Events (KLB).

To anticipate such circumstances, since 2009 has conducted additional immunization campaign in three phases. The first phase conducted in 2009, the second phase in 2010, and the last stage was held in 2011 in 17 provinces in Indonesia with a target coverage of at least 95 percent of all children under five.

This year, Indonesia together the countries in the region committed to making 2012 the Year of Intensification of Routine Immunization or Intensification of Routine Immunization (IRI).

Addressing the issue

Immunization would need the full support of all stakeholders, including the community. Because, until now still found a number of challenges in the provision of immunization, such as parents who are less understanding among some communities, the myth related to immunization, geographic constraints, until the late immunization schedule.

Communities also need to be more careful and cautious in dealing with a variety of information related to immunization, such as address-occurring post-immunization (KIPI) severe.

For example, when a polio outbreak occurred in West Java, some children paralyzed after receiving the polio vaccine. With a virus (virology) proved that the paralysis was caused wild polio virus which has attacked the child before he got polio immunization.

Similarly to the case of other heavy KIPI. Upon inspection experts in the field, it is evident that KIPI other diseases that have been there before, not due to immunization.

To address KIPI case, the public should refer to the information provided by the Committee of the Regions (Komda) KIPI in the province or the National Committee (NC) KIPI in Jakarta. Since the news or reports of suspicion of KIPI always studied scientifically by experts-experts, such as experts in infectious diseases, immunizations, and immunology that is in committee.

Indeed, people do not have any doubt as to the safety and benefits of immunization. Currently, 194 countries around the world believe that immunization is safe and beneficial to prevent outbreaks, severe illness, disability, and death in infants and toddlers.

In fact, countries with a high socioeconomic level and still continue to carry out the immunization program. Including, states Muslim majority, with immunization coverage of more than 85 percent.

Prevention of disease through immunization is a form of protection against infection is most effective and much cheaper than the already ill and had to be hospitalized.

Thus, immunization can be said for the future health investment. Ideally, all infants and toddlers fully immunized. By avoiding children from dangerous infectious diseases, then they have a chance move, play, learn uninterrupted health problems.

3 Easy Tips to Overcome Fatigue

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Fatigue is a very common complaint, and is usually caused by lifestyle. One feels tired because of many things: too short night of sleep, stress, work hard, etc.. Fatigue is also caused by a disease that requires further diagnosis and treatment, for example, heart disease, sleep apnea (breathing disorders during sleep), hypothyroidism, anemia, diabetes or even cancer.

In most cases, the most effective treatment for fatigue is rest and sleep well. If you still feel tired despite getting enough rest and sleep, following several lifestyle changes in your daily routine may also help:

1. Exercise in the morning light.

Exercise is a must. You may always busy or your schedule is too crowded so do not leave time for exercise. But should you at least took a half hour to exercise in the morning. Any solution can not compensate for this. Our bodies need exercise to stay fit.

You can do jogging or light cardiovascular exercise, running, playing badminton or weight training. At first you may feel a little tired but once you get used to your body will feel refreshed and full of energy. Throughout the day you will be fine. You will be energetic.

2. Sunlight.

Rather than curl up in bed until the last minute rush and preparing for work, you should take a walk for a few minutes outside the home. The morning sun will help open the pores of your body and make yourself more alert and active. You will be full of energy and vitality.

3. Breakfast.

In today’s fast paced life, we have little time to spare. We are so pressed by time, so often skip breakfast. To stay active and energetic throughout the day, you should eat a healthy breakfast in the morning.

If you skip breakfast and only eat a small snack in between your job, you are developing bad habits that will not only lead to exhaustion but also cause many health problems. Breakfast is an important meal for us all.

Adjust your daily routine so that you have enough time for breakfast. Make sure you do not eat fried foods and weight at your breakfast. Choose foods rich in carbohydrates, protein and fiber such as bread, porridge, fruits, milk, eggs etc..

For you to Avoid Mosquito Bites

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Mosquitoes are spreading various diseases. In Indonesia, mosquitoes are a source of transmission of dengue fever, malaria, chikungunya, and elephantiasis (filariasis) are rampant lately. Every year, millions of people had to be hospitalized for these diseases. Mosquitoes kill more people than snakes or tigers.

Tips to Prevent Mosquito Bites
Here are some simple things you can do to prevent mosquito bites:

Avoid physical activities and outdoor garden in the morning and evening when mosquitoes are active around.
Wear long-sleeved shirt and light colored pants
Use cream / oil mosquito repellent on exposed body parts
Use mosquito spray, mosquito coils or electric in the room
Sleeping in a bed canopied if you do not vent the anti mosquito berkasa
Turn on the air conditioning (AC) in your room
Planting lavender flowers in the yard or garden of your house. Mosquitoes do not like the smell of lavender.
You can also kill a mosquito with an electric racket. In addition to killing mosquitoes, the activity of ‘hunting mosquito’ could be its own entertainment for the family members.
Tips for Using Mosquito Repellent
Products Mosquito repellent (mosquito repellent) is available in the form of liquids, creams, gels, aerosols and sprays. Typically, properties are only effective for one to three hours and then had applied / sprayed back to strengthen the effect. If you sweat a lot or body wash (eg ablution), shorter effective period. The active ingredients are widely used in such products are DEET (N-diethyl-meta-toluamide) or picadirin.

Choose a mosquito repellent that is free of toxins and alcohol
Always read the label user
Use at any time, do not keep for a long time
Avoid application in infants because their skin is still fragile. When applied to the older child, not on hand because it can touch your eyes or mouth.
Discontinue use if you have an allergic reaction
Keep mosquito repellent at the reach of your toddler.
Tips Memberatas Mosquitoes Around the Home
You can reduce the risk of mosquito bites by pressing breeding:

Install the mosquito netting on all your vents. Check periodically and sewing when there is a tear.
Prevent standing water by throwing cans, bottles, tires, and other used items.
Put sand around the base of the pot to absorb excess water that overflowed
Gerojok unused toilet once a week
Make sure you are sufficiently chlorinated pools and dry when not in use for a long time
Drain pool toys after use
Make sure there is always fish in your aquarium and pond fish
Periodically, sprinkle trenches, vases, and mosquito breeding sites with larvacide (abate, temephos).
Do not hang clothes, bags, and hats you are out in the open. Keep in closets and other enclosed spaces.